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Business Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday - Saturday
Classes and Parties are usually after hours events.
We are located at 140 E 4th St. , Wray, Colorado 80758
The Phone number is 970-630-8333
e-mail to

"Arty Partys" Fun, Fun, Fun!

Every Month the Painted Prairie Art Gallery and Gift Shop will be hosting an Arty Party!
It's a party where you do arty!
BYOB, and snacks, we provide the arty experience, you will have fun and paint (using provided art supplies) and you will have a finished painting by the end of the night to take home with you. Try it, you'll like it! The Painted Prairie is on the corner of 4th and Ash, behind the Court House in Wray Colorado. Call 970-630-8333 to see when the next available party is. Seating is limited so you must reserve your seat. There is one seat available for the November Arty Party, and there are 8 seats remaining for the December Arty Party. (as of today) We will give private Arty Partys with a minimum of 5 participants .

Art Classes, for Beginners, Acrylic Painting

I will be having ongoing Art Classes for Beginners, students need to bring their own art supplies; canvas, brushes, acrylic paint, etc. These classes will be in the style of a paint-a-long, and in each class at least one topic such as design/color/perspective will be discussed. Each class will be three hours long with breaks as you need them, (we will enjoy ourselves). A series of 4 classes is $120, or each class separately is $35. Classes begin at 6 PM every Saturday, except Holidays. (no class Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of new Art!!!

Dictionary Birds with grass,  this is a mixed media piece,  it's 36' x 36' 

This one may be named Black Birds, which is too original, or it may be named Singing in the Rain, but then again I may come up with a better name for it than either of those.

This one is definitely "An Apple a Day" it is 16" x 24"

This one may be named "Just before Dark" but I haven't decided yet!, it's 36" X36"